How to write SEO friendly content in 2020

How to write SEO friendly content

Have you created a blog and wondering how to write a SEO friendly content that will drive traffic to your site? Here, in this article you will learn how to write SEO friendly content.

How to write SEO friendly content?

Keyword Research

When you are writing articles, can’t simply write without knowing what people are searching for. If you do so, as the bloggers said you are like shooting arrows in the dark without seeing the target.

So the first important thing before writing article is doing the Keyword research. It will give some that keyword ideas that you can use to create high quality content. There are many SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush and Ubersuggest that you can for your Keyword Research.

Related keywords

Once you have done Keyword Research if you type the keyword what you were going to write in google search bar you will find so many results including “ People also ask”.

People also ask

These are the related keywords you can included some of the questions in your article. Because google wants the answers for these queries also. In this way you can optimize your content to become more SEO friendly content.

Length of the article

When you are writing an article on a particular keyword, write as per the topic needs to provide information and to meet the audiences query. It should not be so short post where you have to skip the relevant information. As per expert said it should be at least 300 words in order to make it SEO friendly article.

If you are using Semrush you can also figure out the estimated text length how long you have to write on your targeting keyword.

The first thing you have to do is that just simply Login to Semrush, in the dashboard you will find SEO Content Template at the left. After that type your keyword and choose your targeted keyword, finally click “Create SEO Template“.

How to write SEO friendly content

Here the result will come like this given below

As you have got the result like this given above picture, now you will know how long you have to create a content for your targeted keyword.

Proper use of heading and subheadings

Once you have got a keyword and start writing an article you have to be careful with the use of heading and subheadings.
Heading and subheadings are important part of the structure of your article. It makes a reader easier to read and find out quickly what the important things are there in your content. Because many of the readers will not read it thoroughly.

Similarly, even for search engine headline is the main thing to recognise what your article is about. It will help search engine to understand your article better when they are crawling your website to analyze your content.

So it is very necessary to use heading and subheadings properly when you are writing an article. It is really impact on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). In post H1 tag usually header or title of the post so , you can H2 as the sub-header H1 and H2 as the sub header of H3 so on.

Interlinking to previous post

Interlinking to previous blog post helps search engine as well as people to find your articles and that will help you to drive traffic and rank your old contents. It will also help you to make your readers stay longer in your website.

Another important way of ranking of your content is getting more backlinks. If you can add links to good reputed and high quality websites, then the chances are your content will rank better in the search results.

Add Image Alt attribute and optimize

Image makes content look better and interesting for the readers, in fact it gives better users experiences. Some of the articles should have images because it is easier to know for readers. But search engine does not able to read image.

Image alt text helps to describe an image of your website. It is necessary to give name for the image because search engine cannot read images. They can read only the text and understand what the image is about and how it is relevant to your content.

When you do this use the targeted keywords which is relevant to your image uploaded to your post.

Image alt text

When you upload an image make sure you optimize an image because too large file it will slow down the load time and effect your SEO.

Post meta title and meta description

Meta title and meta description are the texts that comes up when you search something in the internet on search result like this given below.

Meta description

It plays an important role in SEO optimisation, it also helps to drive traffic in to your website.
This is a brief introduction of your blog post that the users will know what this post is about. In meta description you should write something relevant to your content that will attracted your audiences to click your blog post.

To add meta title and meta description you will WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast, Rank Math or any other SEO plugins.
When you write meta description it should be too long, you can write around 160 characters or so.

Regularly update your content

One of the way you can make your content SEO friendly is updating your blog post regularly. If you update frequently Google will know that your site active when it crawls through your website. And it will help for ranking your post. So, don’t forget to update blog post regularly.
Just because you have to update your post regularly don’t simply post. Try to create high quality content and informative for your readers that you can keep engaging your audiences.

Make shareable content

Once you have created SEO friendly content make sure that your content is shareable. Social media one of the best way to drive lot of traffic to your site. If the content is interesting and exciting or if the people satisfy with the information you provided they would love to share the content.

So it is good to have social media sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
You can also use sharing plugins like Shared Counts or AddThis.


To drive traffic to you site knowing how to write SEO friendly content is necessary. Make sure you research keyword and choose the right one for your blog post.

Optimize your image added and use internal and external linking and update your regularly, these are the ways that your post become more SEO friendly.

I hope this article will help you to write SEO friendly content for your blog.

If you find this article helpful to you, please do share to say thank to me.

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