How to Start a Blog Step by Step ( 2021)

Do you want to know how to start a blog? If so, I am I here to help you to start a blog step by step in an easy and straightforward way. Starting a blog is not a complicated thing, once you read the guide very carefully and follow according to the steps I have given below. You can create a blog within 20 to 30 minutes. In this article I will show you from starting till you publish the first post. Let’s get started,

How to Start a Blog (Step by Step)

Step 1: Choose a niche for your blog

Step 2: Find the best blogging flatform

Step 3: Pick a domain name

Step 4: Get a Web hosting

Step 5: Install theme and set up WordPress

Step 6: Basic WordPress plugins

Step 7: Write a new blog post and publish it

What is a blog?

Before we come to the steps how to create a blog I want to let you know what actually the blog is. What is a Blog? In summary, a blog is a type of website that focuses primarily on written content, also known as blog posts. The content of a blog generally includes text, images, videos, and even scans of offline newspapers or physical diaries and other printed documents. Since a blog can exist simply for personal use, to share information with an exclusive group, or to engage the public, the blog owner can configure their blog for private or public access.

How to Start a Blog

Step 1: Choose a niche for your blog

This is one of the important you have to know very clearly before you start a blog.
What is a blog niche?
In short, it is a specific topic that you are going to write about on your blog. There are so many niches you can write about depending on what you are interested with and what you are good at.

Here I want to show you some for example,
Entertainment niche – Movies, music, comedy, TV shows, etc.
News niche – Politics, celebrity, technology, business
Lifestyle niche, business niche, food niche, product review niche and many more.

Therefore, when you choose a niche select the one that appeals to you and one that you are most passionate about and interested in. By choosing the niche of interest and having your own point of view, you will be able to differentiate your personal blog ideas from the competition.

In order to grow your blog and run for long term you have to be an expert somewhat in your niche and that is because you must be able to provide excellent content that can educate or entertain your audience. Without that, you will have difficulty growing your readers. And have to be passionate about the niche you are blogging, otherwise finally, you will end up getting bored with what you are doing.

Step 2: Find the best blogging flatform

When you choose blogging platform you might get confused which one to use because there are many blogging platforms. You can choose for free as well and you might think that why would I use while I have free blogging platform but there is a reason behind it. If you use the free there will be many limitations while setting up your blog. You won’t be able to design or set up as you want. If you choose free WordPress then there will be subdomain like or that will be lengthy and it will not look good. Moreover your readers will not take attention to that thinking that you are not expert.

What blogging platform should I use then?

There are many blogging platforms like Blogger, Wix, Medium and so on. but among all these WordPress is the most popular all around the world because it is very flexible to customize the blog with so many free themes and plugins.

Therefore, I recommend you to use WordPress, even many well known blogger will suggest you to use it.

Step 3: Pick a domain name

A domain name is the name of your blog or website. It is the address through which the people can access your blog. For example, mine is

When you pick a domain name choose something which will be easy to remember and pronounce, don’t pick a long name that will be hard for the user to keep in mind and they will be confused. After you are ready to name your blog check if it is available with the given tool below

The domain extension like .com is the most common for everyone in all over the world. So I want to suggest you to select .com.

Step 4: Get a Web hosting

Web hosting is a service provider where all your data, files, images and everything will be stored. Even your WordPress will be install in this hosting, WordPress is just a software where you can use to design your blog. With the help of the hosting only you can create a blog or website and it will be online for 24 hours. That is why you need a web hosting.

There are tons of hosting providers but I don’t want to list down all of those. However I want to recommend you to use Bluehost the reason I suggest is it is one the best among hosting. Moreover WordPress will be installed automatically. It is one of the reliable hosting even many of the top bloggers usually suggest Bluehost.

Check out hosting plans now

Let’s Get Started

First go to this link Bluehost when you see the picture I have given below click Get Started

Buy Bluehost hosting click get started ( How to start a blog)

Next, choose the web hosting plan. Since you are a beginner I want to recommend you to select the Basic plan.

This is the option for Bluehost hosting plans ( How to start a blog)

The moment you selected the plan you will see this section. If you have not created domain, “create a new domain” but if you already have use your own domain at the left given box and click next.

Create Domain name   typing in this box

Next you will have to fill the account information. In package information select the account plan how long you want to pay for. The longer plan you select the better offer you will receive. The Extra package you can deselect all if you want it save your money.

Billing information fill up the details and buy hosting

In payment section if you don’t want to pay with Credit card you can pay with other payment method tapping the more payment option.

Payment information your credit card details and buy hosting

If your payment is done you need create a password for your Bluehost account as I have given below

Create password

Create password

Congratulations now you are almost done next what you have to do is that log in to WordPress.

Log in to WordPress

Once you have bought hosting and domain Bluehost is usually install WordPress automatically. It is not like other hosting where you have to install WordPress by yourself. That’s amazing.

Step 5: Install theme and set up WordPress

Once you log in there will be a page appear like this

Choose a theme and install it(How to start a blog)

Pick one any of those to install as your theme just to start. If you don’t like you can change later. There are tons of themes available for WordPress you can change any time.

Changing your blog theme

If you want to change the theme go to your dashboard click “Appearance” at the left and “Upload Theme”

Click the appearance to add new theme

Upload new theme

There are lots of Free And Premium WordPress themes available to design your blog. We all know what’s the quality of Free and Premium. So there is always an advantage of paying and using something. That’s why in Premium you will get full support and make it professional. Therefore I would recommend you to go for Premium.

Here I want to suggest you the two themes which are very easy to customise and good for the beginners.

  • Astra – It is one the perfect designing theme for all the blogs. It is a lightweight, customisable and responsive theme. This is built for speed and fully optimized for performance. Astra gives you complete control to manage each section.
  • Generatepress – This is also an amazing super fast and powerful responsive theme. It is easily customisable and flexible, Lightweight Theme.

Customize WordPress theme

Once you have installed the theme, you can customise and design it how you want to make it look like. It is depending on you how you want to resign it.

Let me show you where you have to go to customise your theme. In the dashboard itself you can click “customise your site”. If not, go to “appearance” as I have shown in the picture given below.

Customising the WordPress blog

Yet, designing your front page or home page is different. If you want your homepage static and design the best way is install Elementor . In the dashboard itself you will see “front page edit” go there and design well.

Setting of WordPress blog

Before you start writing content you should not forget some of the important general settings to set up.

The site title and tagline (description) – This shows who you are, what’s the name of your blog to your site visitors. Even search engine recognise you from this name itself. And tagline represents what is your site all about as a summary.

This is how you will set up

General settings for WordPress blog

Setting up time zone

Time zone you can set according to your location.


In order to friendly for search engine optimisation Permalink should set up like I have shown above.

Step 6: Basic WordPress plugins

There are lots of WordPress plugins you can use for your blog. And many similar plugins also there because of that many bloggers suggest various plugins as their own experiences. In the same way you can also use which you like better.

Here I want to suggest you some of the plugins to start your blog

Step 7: Write a new blog post and publish it

Now you came to the final stage of setting up your WordPress blog. You can start writing content for your blog.

Now let me show you how you will be writing your first blog post. Delete the sample post and click “Add New”.

Create a new post

Add New for blog post

When you click “Add New” you will be in post editor, there you can start writing your post. Once you have finished writing just tap publish button at the right side on top.

Congratulations! That’s all you have to do to start your blog. Now you keep publishing and enjoy writing content to you blog.

If you have any question and suggest regarding this article please feel free to comment in box below.

I will be appreciate you if you share with others who want to learn how to start blogging. Thank you.

Hi ! My name is Sengnap Sangma. I am a part-time blogger, Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur. I am a content writer for a blog and a guide for the beginners in blogging…

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