How to install WordPress plugins

How to install WordPress plugins

Once WordPress installation is done, knowing how to install WordPress plugins is also an important part of your blogging. Plugins are additional functionality and it will provide you to add new features for your WordPress blog.

There are tons of WordPress plugins that you can use according to the needs of your website. Different plugins work differently, without plugins only WordPress will not able to function well.

So here in this article I will show you how to install WordPress plugins.

Installing WordPress plugins is very easy if you are using self hosted website. But if you are using for free you won’t be able to install plugins.

How do I install plugin?

There are 3 ways that you can install your WordPress plugins.

1.Method : Search plugins in the dashboard

This is the easiest way to install WordPress plugins into your WordPress blog. Once you are log in to your dashboard you will find plugins at the left side Plugins >> Add New ( Click Plugins and tap Add New). After clicking Add New, you will see the screen like this given below –

Search plugins / how to install WordPress plugins

After you find search plugins type the name of the plugin which you would want to install like how did at the above . Then the plugin you search will appear in the screen, after that you can install it.

But just simply clicking Install Now is not yet successful installation, you will have to click Activate like this. Otherwise it will not work even though you have installed it.

Activate plugin / how to install WordPress plugin

Once you have clicked on the activate button you plugin will be successfully installed.

That’s all in the first step how you can install WordPress plugins.

2.Method: Upload and install downloaded file

When you have to download some plugins from other websites, then you will have to use this method to install a plugin into your website. Specially premium plugins are not available in the WordPress plugin directory.

How to install WordPress plugin from zip file?

Normally this is zip format so when you tap upload plugin, you will find written in the screen I have given below. So to install this zip format you can do like how you did in the first method, go to plugins tap Add New and click Upload plugin

Upload plugin/ how to upload plugin from zip format

And choose the zip file you downloaded, upload and install it. Once the installation is fine you can activate it.

This is the second method how you can install WordPress plugin.

3. Method: FTP ( Manually install WordPress plugin)

This method is usually for advanced, beginners may get confused to do this. To install a WP plugin using this method, first download the plugin from WordPress plugin library, unzip it and upload it to your WordPress plugin library using your FTP software. You can use FileZilla, which is free and available for all major computer operating systems.
Typically the plugin upload folder is located in wp-content / plugins.

Once you have finished uploading the file, you can simply go to the WordPress plugins folder in the WP panel and activate the plugin. This is a very useful method for those who do not have access to plugins or themes installation from the dashboard due to server restriction.

That’s all how you have to do to install WordPress plugins.

If you haven’t gotten perfect theme for your blog, read this also. Best WordPress themes for your blog.

I hope this is clear enough for you, if you face any problem installing WordPress plugins, please feel free to comment below and share your problems.

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