What is E-Marketing ? Types, Advantages and Disadvantages


Do you wonder what exactly the e-marketing is well, in this article you will know what is e-marketing,its types and advantages and disadvantages of emarketing.

What is e-marketing?

E-Marketing is an electronic marketing, when we talk about E-Marketing it can be included all the marketing of services or products using the internet. Like say, digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing or internet marketing. In fact, the e-marketing is the process of marketing some products or services by using the internet. Email and other media channels are also a part of e-marketing, it is a crucial part of marketing strategies which help to connect customers to their businesses.

E-marketing is a different method of marketing where the products and services can be sold through the means of technology so to say using the internet. In the modern generation the lifestyle has changed, so the users of internet increasing more and more. Many people do not want to go out and search the products they need instead they use their internet to find the products. Therefore e-marketing is very important in modern generation.

Types of E-Marketing

There are different types of e-marketing some of those I gave given below –

Search engine optimization

As I have mentioned above it is a type of marketing which sells the services or products using the internet. When you are selling products or services through website or blog, SEO (search engine optimization) is also a vital role of digital marketing. It can help your website targeted keywords to appear in the top search results of search engines like Google or any other search engines. And it will be increased organic traffic to your website from search engines and with that can increase your sales of your products or services.

For more information about writing SEO friendly content, read this: How to write SEO friendly content.

Besides this free organic traffic from search engines one the best type of e-marketing which will boost your sales is paid advertising. These are the ads which usually shows on top of search results. You can display the ads like this paying in the Google AdWords and that will be very effective to increase your sales.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is also an effective type of e-marketing which helps you to reach your customers directly at a time. Once you can convince them to subscribe to your newsletter you can send e-mails to your targeted customers about your latest updated news, special offers or deals of your products or services. In this way you keep engaging with them that will help you a lot to boost you sales.

For your email marketing you can these tools Getresponse, Aweber or MailChimp.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media is one of the best platform to build a community where you can communicate directly with your customers. And that will be helpful to get more visitors to your website as well as to get ranking in the search engine. The more you get audiences the more your sales also will be increased.

The social media networking which you can use are those sites likes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. These are the platforms where you can briefly tell about your products or services and interact with your customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-marketing

Advantages –

• Unlike traditional marketing, e-marketing is once you put up something to sell in your website it can reach fast to all the customers from all over the world.
• Since you are selling your products or services online anybody can buy at any time from anywhere in the world.
• To spread your advisement or news of your products or services is cheaper, you can even do for free of cost through social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
• E-marketing is an interactive and it enables the merchant to communicate with customers. The users can give feedback according to their experience.

Disadvantages –

• E-marketing needs internet and the electronics so if anything wrong with a technical system it will be problem to your business.
• Since the marketing is base on technology and the internet there are lot things to do in maintaining your business. If you want the best one which will attract the web visitors and make them convenient with the services you provided you will have to invest your time and spend money in your web design and software and all. So the cost of maintenance of your business site may be high.
• Another important thing is you have to make sure if your website is secure or not. It is not, people will not want to use to buy any products or services thinking something may happen to their cards.
• E-marketing is very competitive because it is worldwide marketing so it is not easy to be a part of the global competitors.


There are lot of marketing types you can start actually but no matter what type of marketing methods you’re using; it must be all around focused and researched about your objective market. Client’s needs and requests should likewise be remembered; there should be consistency and coherency between the market and your products. Anything out of standard will make your clients dubious. It must be reasonable.

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