What are the difference between posts and pages in WordPress?

Posts vs Pages

Some of the new WordPress users used to get confused the difference between post and page in creating content for the first time. As a beginner you may seem to be similar because you can create a content in both post and page. Actually posts and pages are the two different types in a blog

Difference between posts and pages

In this article, I will clarify the difference between posts and pages in WordPress.

What are the posts in WordPress?

Posts are the articles or blog contents listed which shows in reverse chronological order when you are posting in a blog. Which means it will display the recent post on top and the older ones will be moved to the bottom.

Because of the older posts are archived based on posted date and time the users have to search deeper to get the old posts. But you make it easier to find the old posts by organising as a group based on categories and tags.

Posts in WordPress are timely, so they can be syndicated with the RSS feeds. RSS feeds permits you to alert your target audience about the maximum current put up update.

WordPress users can take gain of RSS feeds to publicizes email through services like MailChimp, Aweber and do on. You can create a every day and weekly newsletter to inform your subscribers of your blog posts.

The very dynamic and well timed nature of the post in WordPress makes it extremely social media friendly. The social sharing feature in WordPress allows your target audience to proportion the put up in social media website online like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Last but not a least, always post in a blog have Categories, Author and Social sharing buttons along with comment section below.

How to create a post in WordPress?

When you want to write a new article, story, review or whatever to your reader this is the place where you have to post. To create a new post go to Posts>>Add New

difference between posts and pages

wordpress post

What are pages in WordPress?

Pages in WordPress are static content and it doesn’t need to update frequently like posts. Once you published it remains same unless it is necessary to update. It doesn’t need to display published or updated date. So pages are timeless entities.

As I said static content, these type of content are like Homepage, About, Contact page, Privacy Policy, etc. Those pages do not have time and date, so it won’t be expired. They are also not included in RSS feeds.

Pages in WordPress usually do not have social sharing buttons because it not meant to be social in most cases. For example, the pages like contact pages and privacy policy typically people do not share and it not necessary to do so.

Moreover, pages don’t include comment section as well. Users do not usually comment on the pages like contact page or disclaimers page and it doesn’t need to do also. However there is an option to enable comments, it is disabled by default for your WordPress pages.

How to create a page in WordPress?

Creating pages is very easy, simply go to Pages >> Add New and create it whatever you want to create as a page whether it be About page, Privacy Policy and so on.

wordpress pages vs posts

wordpress page

Difference between Posts and Pages

Let me explain very briefly the difference between the post and pages.

  • Posts are reverses chronological order whereas the pages are hierarchical
  • Posts are dynamic content on the other pages are static content
  • Posts are timely and pages are timeless
  • Posts are organized with categories and tags. On the other hand pages can’t categorize or tag.
  • Posts are meant to be social but pages are not
  • Post are available RSS feed but pages are not
  • Posts have the details of Author and published/updated date but the pages do not have
  • Post have comment section below but the pages do not have.


How Many Posts and/or Pages Can I create?

You can create as many posts and/or pages as you want. Because it has no limitations on the number of posts or pages that can be created.

Which is better for SEO posts or pages?

I would say that post are better because, generally the posts are more SEO friendly than the pages.

How to switch posts to pages and vice versa?

Yes, you can switch either post to pages or pages to Post with the help of plugin Post type switcher. By default in WordPress there is no switching mode.

I hope this article help you to know the difference between posts and pages . If so, now you are ready to create a content for your blog. If you want see some more articles you can check out –

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