Hi! My name is Sengnap Sangma. I am a part time Blogger as well as Affiliate Marketer. And I am blogging from Meghalaya, NE, India

Reason behind of picking my domain name

I am belong to Garo Community and in our area people created a group called GARO OLX and they use this group to sell the second-hand products. There were so many members in that group so I thought I will create a classified site so that it will be easier to b sell for people in our community. Therefore I purchased a domain name www.garolx.com. But unfortunately that site was unsuccessful.

How I started blogging?

Since a couple years ago I was trying to learn how to create a website and Android Apps watching from YouTube and I tried to launch an Android App but it didn’t work. I was frustrated at that moment. After that I started to learn more about website. During that time ( it was last year) I’ve watched some videos from a Channel Satish K Videos which was made by brother Satish Kushwaha it was really inspired me.

And I knew that blogging also can make so much money. And also I knew more about the difference between a blog and a website. And that made up my mind to start a blog. And it came to my mind that I will have to buy another Hosting and Domain meanwhile I don’t want to simply keep the hosting which I have bought, that is why I just use www.garolx.com and this is how I started my blogging.

The Objective of this blog

The main objective of this blog is to motivate and teach to the beginners of own community people so that they can also start their own blog and express their knowledge to the world. But it doesn’t mean that it is not for others, it is for everybody in the world who wants to learn about blogging.

I will be writing content in this blog what I have learnt and share my experiences regarding all about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and many other Blogging strategies.

This is my short story about who I am and how I started. If you any questions or suggestions regarding Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and others feel free to contact me.

Email: [email protected]

Hi ! My name is Sengnap Sangma. I am a part-time blogger, Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur. I am a content writer for a blog and a guide for the beginners in blogging…